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We offer to our clients advanced technology incorporated PH meters which are extensively used to measure the PH levels of water. It's consistency in delivering accurate results and longer service life standards makes them one of the most demanded meters in the market.

Ideal for laboratory applications.
Measure & record with the same unit.
Transmission / recorder output of 4-20 mA.
Auto / Manual temperature compensation.

The instrument is ideal for laboratory applications, where measurement & recording output are available in a single unit. The instrument has a large 3-1/2digit LED display to provide continuous readings 7 A 4 – 20 mA transmission signal for recording purposes. The instrument incorporates the latest in solid state circuitry.

Front Panel Controls:
The front panel has an easy push button switch to select CHECK, ph & mV positions. Potentiometers to control the BUFFER, SLOPE, & MANUAL TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION are also provided on the front panel.

Recorder or Transmission Output:
A non- isolated 4 – 20 mA signal is provided for recording for transmission purposes.

Temperature Compensation:
The instruments are supplied as standard with both manual & automatic temperature compensation. In the manual mode, adjustment is made by a front panel control but in the auto mode an external platinum resistance sensor is to be connected through a jack provided at the rear panel. Connection of the platinum resistance sensor disconnects the function of the MANUAL TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION control on the front panel.


We offer to our clients conductivity meters which is a fully solid state instrument and comes incorporated with latest IC based circuit for meeting varied industrial and laboratory applications. Providing a reliable means to constantly check and monitor the level of soluble impurities in (aqueous) liquids, our product comes with features like:


Option provided for control action and current transmission.
Instrument provides AC excitation voltage of appropriate amplitude and frequency to conductivity  cell. The measured conductivity is indicated on a 31/2 digit LED display.
Option of adjusting control set points through out the range of measurement.
Temperature Compensation available to compensate for actual process Temp.
Comes with 'PBS1 conductivity cell (Sensors)
Suitable conductivity sensors of SS 316 / SS 316L & teflon material are precision constructed  to provide high degree of accuracy and reliability.
Cell constant of K=0.01,0.1,1 & 10 are also available.
Cells are available with different type of fittings, mountings and assemblies.
High Pressure Cell (Sensors) are also available.

Water Treatment Plants: Useful for on-line checking of conductivity at the out let of water treatment plants having conductivity range from 0.1 to 30,000 pS/cm.

Boiler Application:

Useful for online TDS monitoring of auto blow down systems.
Apart from these, some other applications they are used in include:

Used for checking TDS in evaporative cooling towers.
Used for rinse water & bath concentration in plating & metal treatment.
To test presence of chemical impurity in wash water in Food processing, Dairy, Brewery  and other industries.



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